Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Copyright (c) 2000 - 2005 by Tarn Adams
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The Future: Interface

Magic mode interface:  I have yet to decide how spell-casting screens will work. It depends on how spell knowledge is stored. You need to designate a spell to be cast, choose any initial targets, perform the rituals to designate those targets, and perform the spell program rituals to activate each step of the spell.

Grammar:  A universal grammar engine needs to be added to languages in the game. This will facilitate creature languages, especially half-known languages. Then words can be replaced with nonsense with some probability, and the nonsense can actually be fixed nonsense rather than random nonsense.

Euphemisms:  For creatures like humans, there are injuries like black eyes and bloody noses that aren't covered by the usual terminology. It might nice to convert standard injury terminology to these phrases where applicable.

Bundling Items and Identification:  Items that the player can't distinguish should be bundled together (17 arrows, etc.), even if they are different. If a player is not capable of counting, the number of objects in a bundle will be rounded to reflect his or her capacity. Once a player has identified an item as distinct, it should be set apart from the bundle, assuming the player has a high enough memory capacity to remember it. If there are two items identical in appearance but with different function, and the player knows it but still tosses them into a backpack before placing some kind of identifying marks on one or the other, then the objects will be rebundled (although the game might place qualifiers after the bundle - 17 arrows (4 possibly magical) or something like that - you just won't know which ones until you reidentify them).

Main Interface:  The little map of your surroundings should probably have a couple of zoom levels.

Additional Simple Commands:  close your eyes, concentrate to listen better, spit (both globs and spray), vomit (attempt), hold breath (even without cause). The player might hear/feel his or her own heartbeat when he or she is raging or excited.

Self-"Corpse" Processing:   The player should be able to use the corpse processing interface on his or herself, for whatever reason. Certain actions of this kind might require a very high willpower, to say the least.

Debug mode:  This would be very handy I think. I'm not sure if it would be included in releases or not... it might be too tempting, and could spoil the game, although I'm inclined to leave that decision to the player.

Computer Control of Players:  A hammered (not in the weapon sense), stoned (not in the petrification sense), or charmed player might have to yield control to the computer. This would have to be tested, since it could be very frustrating in many cases.

Hiding Names:  The names of creatures (which are now shown freely) should be hidden until the player is either told the name in conversation or sees an image of the given being with a name attached. Either of these might lead to false name information.

Musical Instruments:  Perhaps in certain contexts the player might play notes on an instrument. These could be played through the speakers for added effect... will have to look into it.

Hide Precise Numbers:  Right now, certain length and mass measurements are given in far too much detail. These should be rounded off in most circumstances.

Translations:  There has been some interest expressed in translating the game into other (spoken) languages. This might be difficult without making the game open source.

Status View:  Add a model of the player to the status screen that you can rotate and view in different modes (forum suggestion).