Some examples of random dance forms (3/8/15) -- subject to change! Every dance is associated to a musical form, and the dances respect the rhythm, tempo and some other elements of the music. I didn't reproduce the rhythm patterns below, but it tries to make elements like the number of steps in a basic movement align with the rhythm and so forth. All of the forms below were generated for humanoid forms, but I'm working toward some support for varied creature bodies -- so you'll see stuff below like "left leg" even though that text doesn't appear in the dwarf raws, and you also won't see useful words like "hips" -- it's a work in progress, but it won't necessarily need to progress on that score before the release. There also aren't certain fundamentals like costumes, and I don't expect to get them in for this time. There will be some further restrictions based on entity character that aren't in yet.