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- 0007274: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Woodcutter stuck in place trying to "Fell Tree" (Loci) - resolved.
- 0006868: [Civilizations/Entities -- General] Goblins only interact within a radius of 2 world tiles (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0000434: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Reaction jobs (unlike other jobs) don't look outside burrow for workers and raw materials (works through manager) (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0000791: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling] Even with hauling labors off, dwarves continue to haul to trade depot and harvest food (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0006913: [Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim] Un-retiring leads to dwarves being prisoners of the hidden parts of the map. (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007739: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Hostile sites appear to be lost from contact, resulting in lack of fort invasions (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0001909: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] backspace key does not function in OS X (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0003887: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Assignment of Jobs] Construction of "Upright weapon" [b][T][S] doesn't require any particular labor (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0002560: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)] Remove construction task prioritized too high, labor can't be disabled, children help out (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0004370: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Assignment of Jobs] There's no labor to control the "Pull the lever" job (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0004072: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones] Dwarves drag animals to pen/pit/cage/restraint without Animal Hauling enabled (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0006852: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Sleeping] Broker sleepcrawled/sleepwalked to bed after trading session (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007825: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Designations] Miner frozen on "dig channel" job (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007876: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Constructions (walls etc)] Dwarves do not go around constructed walls that were built in their path (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007519: [Combat -- General] Sparring dwarves only wrestle (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007452: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Replacing the squad leader creates permanent, hidden squad members (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0003734: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smelting] Reactions in burrow don't use workers from outside burrow (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0006012: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Temperature updates for items in containers never stabilize. (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007419: [Vegetation] Acacia trees don't grow flowers or seed pods (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0003434: [Dwarf Mode -- Military] Spammed message: Urist McSoldier cancels Rest: Paralyzed (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007118: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Sleeping] Injured resting dwarf walking around with a blinking "Z" (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0003981: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Having multiple active beekeepers causes dwarves with "Installing Colony in Hive" Job to become stuck (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0006368: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Crash if bees die in a hive with yet ungathered products. (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0004014: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspension] "Dwarf cancels Install Colony in Hive: Could not find Path" drops FPS (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0005726: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spam] Beehives + burrow = "cancels Install Colony In Hive: Forbidden area" (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0004223: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop] Dwarves don't "split" bee hives, only use wild ones (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0003961: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Tasks] Dwarf interrupted during beehive stocking doesn't lose job (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007570: [Dwarf Mode -- Invasions] Undead invaders do not path to fortress (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007685: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Embark] Neighbors view shows invalid data (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0006592: [Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup] Elves are always listed on the neighbors menu (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0000447: [Technical -- Input/Keybinding/Macros] Can't use question marks when customizing names/professions (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0005270: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General] Naming burrows does not block keyboard cursor movement making numbers hard to use in the name (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0006972: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Civilization/World Info] Kobolds and goblins do not appear in the civilizations list (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007826: [General] Babies/children born out of wedlock (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007831: [Dwarf Mode -- Diplomacy] No elf diplomat comes to fort (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007568: [Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items] Masterwork Crafts are announced as incorrect items (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0004971: [Artistic Images (engravings etc)] Unnamed creatures resulting in ". Is <foo>ing <foo>." descriptions (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0007223: [Dwarf Mode -- Items] Statue has improper grammar in description, is not named in reference to content (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0006250: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profiles] Dwarf name appears twice, both untranslated, in creature status ([v]-[z] or [u]-[v]) (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0000982: [Dwarf Mode -- Traps] Creature-triggered pressure plate weight adjustment is inconsistent, and large numbers are cut off (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0001091: [Dwarf Mode -- Buildings, General] Building a paved road requires more materials than it should when the road zone is partially blocked (Toady One) - resolved.
- 0005903: [Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Notes/Points/Routes] Crash on promoting hauling stop past route title, past top entry (Toady One) - resolved.
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