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0010014Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2016-09-23 11:002019-01-24 13:15
PCWindows 7 64bit Pro
0010014: Werebeast - Invaders infected with werecurse do not attack their companions upon transformation
After capturing a bunch of besieging goblins my siege ended.
I was visited by a weremonster and decided to spread curse to attackers in order to release them back into their parent civilization.

I succeeded with 2.
Wanted to use them to spread it further because they would stop fighting after transforming back.

Upon transformation into Werebeast however and releasing it against 3 of it's companions they did not fight each other, but run around trying to escape from failed siege.
1. Generate a new world with werecurses and hostile races
2. Capture few besiegers with cage traps
3. Capture werebeast with cage traps
4. Infect at least one besieger with werecurse from captured werebeast
5. Upon next transformation release infected besieger against it's invading companions.
Siege was long over when I attempted this. All AI invaders were pathing to exit from the map as they usually do.

Each any other creature did fought with their own race, for example captured animal people were hostile against infected individual upon its transformation.

This issue seems exclusive to captured invaders.
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2018-07-02 05:56   
Here's a 44.11 save demonstrating this, since it's pretty tricky to replicate.
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13864 [^]

The invading dwarf army has hung out for most of the year. Recently they got into a fight with a visiting weretortoise. A month later one of the recruits transformed.
Sadly he's not attacking the invaders. They're just hanging out together.

(Modded world of various raw tweaks and such, but no extra DFhack type modding).
2018-07-25 13:40   
This affects normal non-were berserk invaders as well, they just stand around not attacking anyone. Tantrums among invaders don't result in fisticuffs either, but they do throw things.
2018-07-30 13:15   
I feel like something changed within the last few major updates, making were-creatures all belong to the same "team" of sorts. Like how goblin armies made up of multiple civs don't murder each other. I do kind of miss them being wanton killers but it -was- extremely easy to survive a were outbreak when they would all kill one another when trapped together in a room.
2018-08-01 01:30   
Weres of the same kind have belonged to the same "team" for a long time (although "last few major updates" can be interpreted as quite a long time). If weres of different kinds don't attack each other it would be new.
Weres of the same kind attacking each other is a kind of bug resulting from them not turning at exactly the same time (connected to loyalty cascades in the other end where a swing at a were starts while it is turned, but lands when it has turned back).