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0010174: Visitors don't sleep in beds in dormitories
In my fortress, I have a dormitory with lots of beds for those who don't have their own bedrooms. I have quite a few visitors to the fortress sleeping their. Oddly, rather than taking any of the beds, they seem to prefer sleeping on the floor next to the beds, even though this gives them negative thoughts. This is true even though the beds are almost entirely unoccupied.
See save here for an example http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12784 [^]
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2018-03-04 00:24   
Still present in my game in 44.05.
2018-03-04 03:04   
Is the dormitory associated with a tavern? Regular dorms are reserved for citizens, while residents sleep in facilities associated with a tavern. Residents move to citizen facilities when accepted as citizens.
This is true for rooms as well: residents will only claim tavern rooms, and will claim citizen rooms when accepted as citizens.
2018-07-03 07:47   
Looks like visitors can't use the beds because they are for citicens, but still somehow get the message that this room is for sleeping in, so they crash on the floor. Nobody slept there when it was open space for years, visitor sleeping only started once it was made into a dormitory.

My dorm is not associated with the tavern since I could not figure out how, only one bed got assigned and the whole thing wasn't a dormitory anymore when I tried. Playing 0.44.10
2018-12-17 18:32   
Yeah, it's not actually possible to have a dormitory associated with a tavern, the game won't let you. Might be a nice feature to have though.
2019-02-26 18:59   
I am running 44.12
I have beast hunters who are not only members of the fort (petitioned and accepted), but who also have been assigned bedrooms about 50 steps from the dormitory, who are quite miserable sleeping on the floor of the dormitory.
2019-02-26 22:43   
@EAKugler: Monster hunters are RESIDENTS not CITIZENS (and will never petition again to become citizens). Residents are allowed to sleep only in rooms associated to inns (i.e. for "visitors"), while regular (citizen) bedrooms are not permitted for resident use.
Note that regular visitors (i.e. those that haven't petitioned) don't need to sleep (nor eat or drink) and will not claim tavern bedrooms: those bedrooms are strictly for residents (and when they become citizens after a second petition they'll return their tavern bedroom and join the normal citizen competition for available sleeping space).
2019-12-30 07:50   
im stupid..i opened a copy of this issue, after not being able to find something about this, because i typed dormitory in the search, while this summary contained the word dormitories >.<
thx for removing the unnecessary duplicate loci