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Windows 8.0
0010198: Adventure mode, civs have "cat recruits"? Also the link to the DF file depot on the bug forum redirects to... somewhere else.
I made my first adventure mode character after the carpentry update, and for some reason there is a squad of troops in the wilderness along with at least 2 "cat recruits". There are also a lot of cat recruits in the town to the north of me, but it's only a very small portion of the booming population of normal non-recruit cats that exist in that town.

The file Depot redirects to a non-DF page, so I'll post a picture link I guess. I have a tileset, but no mods. I run DF .43.03 on Widows 8.0 or 8.03 or something. Here's the picture. http://i.imgur.com/GrJjh6r.jpg [^]
Go into any town with a million cats and look to see if there are cat recruits.
They don't seem to have any armor or weapons, but I think they might take up squad slots because there isn't quite a full squad outside my house unless you count the cats. Jury is still out on weather or not they will actually fight. I've had mixed results when engaging them. They do obviously cause their squad mates to become hostile when attacked.
duplicate of 0006708confirmed Footkerchief Human civilization's soldier is an Alligator Recruit. 
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