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0010209Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcarepublic2017-04-23 14:532021-12-22 19:16
0010209: Civilized egg-laying animal women claim nest boxes, dither endlessly
When a civilized animal woman of an egg-laying species joins your civ as a long-term resident, and there are nest boxes accessible, she will claim one and move to it. However, when she reaches it, she will not lay, but will instead go find a meeting zone. She will proceed to move back and forth between the nest box and the meeting zone, occasionally detouring to get food or drink - never laying, and never actually doing anything in the meeting zone.

If you lock the animal woman in a room with the nest box, however, she'll lay.
1. Designate meeting zone
2. Build nest box outside of the meeting zone
3. Convert an animal woman of an egg-laying species to a long-term resident or citizen.
Possibly related to 0008500
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I encountered this when I worked on Kobold Kamp, testing whether I could keep kobolds as egg-layers.

Related issue, I never encountered signs of them fertilizing the eggs.
2021-12-22 19:16   
Related to 0004537?