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0010275Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2017-08-12 06:452018-02-10 03:51
0010275: Cloned companion
I find it hard to describe this bug. This suddenly just happened after I fast travelled, stopped, and fast travelled immediately again (although I have been unable to reproduce this). Namar has been duplicated, and if you go over him with k or l, he will be listed twice.

However, he only shows up in the companion list once, and both of his instances move in the exact same way.

Furthermore, he seems to have a tendency to teleport around. It's hard to put into words -- download the save and see for yourself.

I have since canceled my agreements with both of my companions because I thought the game might crash if I kept them. The game has not crashed yet.
Save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13052 [^]

This save has one mod installed, which I wrote myself, but I have no reason to believe that the issue is caused by the mod. DFhack has never been used on this copy of the save. I did use DFHack on the save to test something, but I made a full backup of the DF folder before that and reverted everything after I was done.

Since this bug appears to be unreproducible, I am reporting this purely to show that it can happen, and maybe someone can inspect the save and figure out what went wrong. I have no idea how that would be possible, but then again, Quietust and some other people seem to know the game's binary code inside out so someone might be able to figure it out.
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2017-08-15 09:02   
"I did use DFHack on the save to test something, but I made a full backup of the DF folder before that and reverted everything after I was done."

What exactly is "something"? Did this issue occur in the backup or in the save that you had modified? (Making a backup copy and then not touching it at all wouldn't be related.)
2017-08-15 11:26   
I can confirm that I've had this happen by sheer chance before, usually just finding it occur on exiting fast travel or after waiting/resting. Usually the issue doesn't persist if you start traveling again.

This coming from someone who never uses DFHack out of laziness. :V
2017-08-26 06:00   
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@Lethosor, When I posted this I wanted to see a full overview of the catacombs I had explored earlier (to see if I missed anything), but in the end, the save that is currently uploaded was never touched by a DFhack instance. I have not noticed the bug while working with DFhack, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there -- although it doesn't matter, because it shows that this problem started without DFhack.

Urlance Woolsbane   
2017-12-12 18:06   
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This has happened to me, sans DFHack. That said, it seemed more like a listing error than actual duplication (although that has also been reported.) If memory serves, injuring version A would do the same to version B.

EDIT: This was, I believe, version 40.24.

2018-02-08 14:51   
This happened to me in 0.44.05.
The save is here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13504 [^]
2018-02-10 03:51   
This thing happened to me too, but I've played it with unstable Starter Pack, so it might be a DFHack problem.