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king doom 
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0010310: Scholars 'Borrow' your books and scrolls
Just had a sholar visit, he spent awhile talking about geneology with my own dwarves, picked up a copy of a book I'd bought from the caravan and legged it off the map!
Assuming it wasn't a bizzare one off, have a library with a bookcase, books, tables and chairs. Wait for a visiting scholar and keep an eye on what he's carrying when he leaves.
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duplicate of 0009221confirmed Dwarfu Visiting scholars leave with fortress books/scrolls/copies/codices 
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king doom   
2017-10-19 06:12   
Adding this to say nope, it's not a one off - just saw another scholar leave the map with one of my new codex in his greedy little hands. Seems like they pick them up to read them and never put them down again.
2017-10-19 07:31   
It's a known issue (but I haven't searched to see if there's a bug report, although there ought to be). Visiting scholars sometimes leave the map with the last book they read (they drop the others). They also sometimes write books they don't take with them. You win some and you lose some.