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0010325Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2017-11-13 22:232017-11-14 15:59
LinuxUbuntu16.04 LTS
0010325: Instability on high zoom levels??
Not entirely sure what triggers this, but it happened right as I entered a menu (twice), and once when I zoomed to a unit.

The only consistent thing about this crash is this:

Dwarf_Fortress: src/g_src/ttf_manager.cpp:139: ttf_details ttf_managerst::get_handle(const std::list<ttf_id>&, justification): Assertion `pixel_width >= ttf_width' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

...which gets printed to the terminal every time it crashes in this way.
Change the zoom level a bit, then play (probably on a high zoom level) for a bit, then zoom in as far as possible, and set some designations, add an order through the manager (I was ordering floodgates), and if all else fails zoom to a unit.
bug may be exacerbated by suspending and continuing through process signals, though I have confirmed a crash without suspending the program at all.
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duplicate of 0005819confirmed Baughn Build menu causes crash when zoomed with TrueType 
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UPDATE: Just had a crash when trying to rename a point through the Notes interface. Which reminded me that I had created and named notes in all previous cases, although this is the first time it crashed immediately upon trying to rename the note.