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0001035Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-11 21:442010-06-15 05:34
Toady One 
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0001035: Wounded dwarves in hospital but not in beds die of thirst
Idle workers with plenty off buckets and free time ignore unconsious dwarves not in beds, but feed and water invalids elsewhere.
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child of 0000351resolved Toady One Injured dwarf dies of thirst despite many idle healthcare workers and available water/buckets/etc 
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2010-04-11 21:45   
This problem is literally happening in my fortress as we speak. He's still being seen by the doctor, however, and his action is "Rest" like usual
2010-04-18 08:12   
I just had this happen to my militia commander (despite several attempts to save-scum). He is set to "Rest" on a floor tile within the hospital zone, but not on a bed - I'm assuming there were no free beds at the time he was initially wounded, and thus chose to rest on the floor. I saw no way of resetting his "rest" state (normally I'd deconstruct the bed he was using, but in this case there was no bed). His only injury is a toe cut open, and a dented ear (the ear healed from yellow to brown during the time he was resting).

While resting on the floor, the doctor did diagnosis and suture operations on the commander properly, but nobody brought food or water (other wounded dwarves in the same hospital zone, on beds, were fed and watered properly).
2010-04-18 10:16   
You can interrupt his rest by a cave-in if you really want to save him.
2010-04-29 19:44   
I think I remember working around this by building a bed underneath the dwarf. (You can then deconstruct it if you want to move him, or they might figure out to start feeding him.)
Toady One   
2010-06-15 01:25   
This should be fixed for 0.31.07.