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0010367Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2017-11-26 11:002018-11-12 01:40
PCWindows 7SP 2
0010367: Squads sent on mission return immediately
I have tried sending a squad of three dwarfs on a mission to recover various artifacts. Every time they move to the edge of the map, disappear and, when the last one has left the map, return on the opposite side of the map.

I have tried artifacts that are held by families and that are not.
1. Open world map 'c'
2. Select artifacts 'a'
3. Choose a artifact and create a mission to recover it 'r'
4. Choose a squad to go on the mission (any from the save)
5. Exit from the menu
6. Observe the squad setting out in the lower right corner of the map
7. They return immediately, an announcement pops up and the travel log in the reports window is empty
Save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13232 [^]
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2017-11-26 16:48   
The exploration missions seem to work though. I suppose the issue with artifact recovery might be caused because of having only basic rumors about the items?
2017-11-26 16:52   
Also, I don't know if it is worth opening another issue, the dwarves that have returned from the mission don't have any 'owned items' in the 'v'iew screen, not even the basic 10.
2017-11-27 07:48   
I had the same happen each time with Rescue Prisoner mission. The mission report contains nothing but date.
2017-11-28 11:40   
From what I've gathered, this only applies to artifacts held by individuals (as opposed to those stored in sites), Toady One mentioned this on the main Bay 12 page.

"There was a last-minute hiccup with artifacts known to be held by people (rather than stored on sites); these fort-mode missions will be fruitless for the moment; the most common instance here is books authored by people that then hang on to them, so don't try to steal their books! It says on the map screen when an artifact is held by somebody, so it should be easy to avoid."
2017-11-28 14:14   
Huh, I forgot about this note.
The bug appears on artifacts both claimed by 'local family' and the other type, but if both of those indicate a individual owner then the 'hiccup' is probably the case here.

There is still the matter of the lacking 'owned items', though. This happens after all types of missions.
2018-02-25 13:03   
Still happens in 0.44.05 unfortunately
2018-11-11 13:42   
Still happens in 44.12

Missions to rescue prisoners or to retrieve artifacts usually end up returning instantly. A mission report is generated but there's nothing in the report, the squad travels nowhere, does nothing. They're back the instant the last squad member leaves the map.
2018-11-12 01:40   
It is known (and acknowledged by Toady) that missions to recover artifacts carried by someone always return immediately without being successful. If you look at the "relationships" section of the bug report you'll see the reference to the bug report for prisoner rescue as well.