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0010435Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2017-12-09 10:572019-02-11 22:46
0010435: Unexplained consistent crash within the same year
I have encountered game breaking crash on a save game.

It does not seem to be linked to a specific thing I do, but happens around the same time, shortly after my save is loaded. I do not know what causes it, all I've got is a consistently crashing save game.
I have uploaded the save game on file exchange: https://mega.nz/#!29BhCBZB!qrmgMum1XIbbqqwgE99q3SHVXm6b4GdTy_B03a5KApA [^]

Crash should come quickly (A couple of in-game months, although it's hard to track calendar when the game crashes unexpectedly)
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No crashes after two in-game months run both on lin64 and win64 44.12