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0010480Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2017-12-29 01:182017-12-30 10:09
0010480: Animals randomly sparring in reports
Including cats, dogs, ducks, and cat children (check report section), also this spam makes the announcements/reports contents to be quickly cleared
example screenshot: https://i.gyazo.com/bff8720e26407d9aa94bb2e3f7c615cb.png [^]
theoretically, have dwarves that have pets spar, and those pets will spar with other animals.
i have a pop cap limit (25), i don't know if it influences the issue somehow.
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duplicate of 0008033resolved Footkerchief Dwarf sparring with unrelated target. 
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2017-12-29 01:20   
I don't know how to attach a saved game file, though I think it would be handy
2017-12-29 01:40   
Hi. You can use the DFFD (dwarf fortress file depot) as recommended to upload save files, ideally just the save uploaded inside a ZIP and then link it here in another note or edit your one above.

http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/links.html [^] (the DF site, DFFD is second down in the links)

I guess we'll be able to understand the situation a little better with the save, to save time looking & waiting do you have any further information on where these animals are sparring in the confines of your embark map?
2017-12-29 02:22   
Hi, thank you, here is the uploaded file http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13359 [^]
However, most of sparring reports in [r] are already "empty" (no recent announcements), but one of last ones about war dog points to my sparring room next to tavern 2 Z-levels below ground. I guess stuff happened exactly there, I just didn't notice this anomaly in time (somehow accepted all blue text as "dorfs are sparring" messages and didn't pay much attention). In the savefile, no animals are sparring in exact this moment, though.
2017-12-29 10:23   
If you see it again, check the reports screen to see what exactly the sparring actions are. Might be the animals getting caught in the middle of an existent sparring match and being treated as "sparring" for the brief moment they're involved, thus generating the spam.
2017-12-29 13:30   
I saw it again, but it already was stating "no recent announcements" though it was only the third report from top. I will keep monitoring my reports more often. Also, my "pet theory" doesn't check out since no one of sparring dwarves owns a cat
2017-12-30 10:09   
Animals/non-combatants will generate sparring reports if they receive an errant charge attack (0008033). This requires the animal/non-combatant to be near the training barracks. You can encourage the behavior by pasturing animals in the barracks or using levers with pull-on-repeat jobs. (The only accessible report in your save is a stray war dog receiving a charge attack.)

While the extra reports do consume a small amount of the report/announcement buffer, the clearing of recent reports/announcements is caused by much more prolific messages like long sparring logs or announcement spam filling the buffer (0001430). (Two of your military dwarves have 10+ pages of sparring logs, which probably take up 10x the bufferspace of all your animal-sparring reports combined.)