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0010485: Dwarf recruit insane for 33 years standing around in the wilderness, formed friendship after insanity
I happened upon a dwarf recruit in the wilderness, totally unresponsive and flashing the insanity exclamation point. Curious, I went into legends and it turns out he went insane 33 years ago. Normally in fort mode insane dwarves are dead within a year. Additionally, the dwarf formed a false friendship with someone seeking information several years after going insane.
Luck in worldgen? I'm unsure how common insanity is as history progresses.
The save is in adventure mode standing next to the dwarf. No mods. Located here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13364 [^]

Perhaps the information seeker left disappointed after having the works of Lewis Carroll quoted at him.
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I tested the save, found the dwarf who i diagnose from this DF wiki page as being a light blue 'Stark Raving Mad' though they aren't babbling which is odd and are just non-responsive which would be a catonic trait. They moved from their spot after i waited eight hours so they are active just immobile for a matter of hours.

( http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Insanity [^] )

In the attached pictures are a reclamation troupe by the green settlement to your right on the travel screen caught at the crossroads over two bridges crossing a brook (which is very laggy)

( https://puu.sh/yU3M3/704d96eaec.png [^] )
( https://puu.sh/yU3Om/fb978bf9c2.png [^] )

They are there on behalf of reclaiming a artifact 'Battlefights the War of Owning' (copper zumuzu instrument) for a human Mato Fellcanker en-route to Torchsiezed from Spoonnestled. They are static on the map there and in retrospect the lag might be caused from broken pathfinding as by now the mad recruit is still missing and as soon as you walk into there and they stirring from their little compact box the game really grinds to a halt.

Asking about their mood they all indicate they are sad about missing people not related to themselves but not in depth of mentioning spouses unless its fellow travellers etc, but at the moment i can't identify who the mad recruit is (do you know their name @kneaugh?) and whether they are part of this group by the troupes own account of events.


My thoughts are since this group of soldiers match the description of the mad recruit (without being able to ask for a identity myself) him going insane and wandering off into the wilderness might have held up their reclamation quest indefinitely, and since reclamation group travels are unsimulated, managed to survive off-loaded in world generation for all these 33 years alone.

Recessive behavior of obliviousness caused them to wander off and never come back one day in the middle of their quest. Least that's my answer before someone pulls out the technical detail and possibly reveals more depth to what happened.

2018-01-04 09:48   
In the world I am currently playing there are many dwarves like this. They will move around the map sometimes as * and one of them was carrying two artifacts. They are always dwarves and recruits, for some reason.
2018-01-04 11:53   
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Reading into the history of the artifact, it is as of 281 year date already residing under a different owner (Rozmo Mauveflag heirloom from her dead husband) in Spoonnestled with no mention it has been rehoused so is probably in the active posession of someone stealing and taking it away veeery slowly as @thvaz indicates or the reclaim party is acting on false rumor they couldn't clarify because they are caught up with the insane former party member.

Furthermore a skim through torchseized history yields no particular mention of the artifact being brought there from what i saw.

Further prognosis for the mixup is that it could be related to 0010452 in which the owner historically has been confused by worldgeneration leading to this false information goose chase.