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Knight Otu 
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0010555: Iron doors built directly out of bars
I built about 6 new rooms, and used planning mode to construct doors for them. Some time later I noticed that the doors all of the doors were made of iron. I knew I had only made a couple iron doors, and they were built already. The stocks screen only showed the 4 iron doors that I had made and built in my front gate, not including the 6 or 7 new iron doors. I tried removing these doors and they removed normally, but dropped one iron bar each instead of an iron door. As far as I understand you aren't supposed to be able to build doors out of bars directly, so I am assuming this is a bug.
I'm using Linux lazy newb pack, no mods other than dfhack.
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has duplicate 0011091resolved Loci Planning Mode: Iron bars used to build planned furniture (beds, etc.) 
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I figured out how to reproduce it.
-Designate a any material door using planning mode when you have no doors laying around.
-in the job menu/list unsuspend the job (you can't unsuspend a planned job with 'q' unless it has been actually started, which it can't because you have no free doors.)
-wait, some dwarf will come build the door magically out of iron bars directly.
Its probably not specifically tied to iron bars, I just have gobs of it lying around. Though I actually have more gold bars right now, so I would have expected to have a few gold doors thrown if that was the case, and I haven't seen any.

Knight Otu   
2018-02-03 09:24   
Planning mode is a dfhack feature, not an in-game feature, so this should be reported to the dfhack programmers. If you find that planning mode is not at the core of this issue, please reopen this report or pm a bug tracker manager on the forums to reopen it.