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0010563Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zonespublic2018-02-06 08:482018-03-29 03:43
Toady One 
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0010563: Library with linked museum have visitors haul books to the museum when written and read.
My fortress has a library, and I later added a bestiary museum in a nearby room.
The bookcase, the chest, the chairs, and the table are all located in the library, while the museum contains a number of built cages and an empty pedestal (serving as the anchor for the museum and future display place for artifacts).

I've been fortunate enough to eventually get a couple of sage type visitors, and they read books, preferably sitting by the table, carry them to the book to the museum, and drop them on the floor. Likewise, I've seen one scholar write a book (standing by the chest as there was no table available), carry it to the museum, and drop a book (presumably the newly written one). These books generate hauling jobs for being carried to the bookcase, of course, so I'm considering moving the bookcase to the museum... Or I could change the museum to belong to the tavern instead.

Note that it's probably not an eternal hauling circuit, as I think the sages only carry books they actually have used to the museum.
I don't know if the citizens behave the same way (they're busy working...).
I'd assume you set up a library zone with basic equipment and later build a pedestal elsewhere and assign it as a museum, and then link it to the library.
LNP r01, Phoebus tile set. Raws hacked to lower (semi)megabeast attack triggers and civ siege triggers (all set to 1). Goblins set to start on glaciers exclusively.
The PSV world was DFHacked during world gen to add all plants/creatures legal to each region to them, set all glaciers to evil, all mountains to neutral (does nothing), and slabbed dwarven civs that should be dead.

The save is provided here http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13493 [^]
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2018-02-16 09:40   
A related observation: I moved the museum to belong to the tavern rather than the library, and half of the tavern goers cram into that rather limited space. What's more is that instruments haven't been hauled to the tavern chests for years since I associated the museum to the tavern. As an experiment, I built a chest in the museum zone, and sure enough: as soon as it's built I see an instrument being hauled there.
It can be noted that I don't assigned poisoners to the tavern, so I don't know if goblets are hauled back to the chests after use (I would suspect they're not, but rather hauled to the museum chest or not hauled at all).
Toady One   
2018-03-28 18:39   
Does it happen for you every time? I see the books scattered all over the museum, but everybody is putting the books back in the bookcase when I watch them finish their reading activities at the tables.
2018-03-29 00:29   
I've only done it once... My museum has no tables, nor book cases (it is a museum to study megabeasts and artifacts, not for reading). Since I linked it to the tavern and gave in and put chest there instruments are hauled to the chest.

I've very rarely seen anyone put books back into book cases after use (with or without a museum), but rather they just leave the books at the table, for someone else to eventually come by to haul the books back into the book cases. When the report was written my fortress was severely short handed, so the haul to location tasks took up several pages.

I'll make further experiments and report back.
2018-03-29 01:28   
Locations spread over multiple areas especially z levels, will transfer/share all of the materials and staff. If you tried to branch a tavern across z levels tavern keepers will run to serve drinks on the lower level tavern also (which might not be so bad if you're connected directly via staircase but not running though corridors) and also share the same amount of mugs and instruments for use.

I would otherwise opt for you to set separate library/location zones instead, after loading up the save i believe that falsely because the bookcase is on the same zone, its being transferred to the museum meeting area because it believes the bookcase connected is by extension within the museums zone also. Why it chose to send the books there i do not know.

It remains to be seen whether 0010646 would have any effect but it does seem like a methodical error to a tricky issue of micromanaging locations.
2018-03-29 03:43   
OK. I first tried to replicate the issue with 0.44.07 (a fresh embark) and failed. I then loaded up the save I provided above in 0.44.07, and both visitors who were scheduled to read books at the time left when done. I then loaded the save in 0.44.05 and one of the visitors went to the museum to drop off the book, while the other left (I didn't check if the book that visitor carried away was the one that had been read in any of the cases, though). I then again reloaded the save in 0.44.07, and again, both visitors left. Thus, it seems something done from 0.44.05 to 0.44.07 has fixed the odd dropoff issue.

I'd recommend closing the issue (we can always write a new report if the issue resurfaces).