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0001058Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2010-04-12 15:052014-01-27 14:04
Jiri Petru 
0001058: War animals assigned to soldiers but still restricted to civilian burrow
It seems animals are counted as civilians when considering burrows restriction. So for example when you ring danger, they stay in the same "safe burrows" as civilians. While generally this is a good thing, I have a couple of war bears and I would really like them to go out along with my military.

I think animals should be assigned to the same burrow as their owner.
1. Have war animals and assign them to a military dwarf
2. Restrict civilians to a burrow
3. Send the military out, look it the war animals go
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has duplicate 0001245closed Footkerchief War dogs go to civilian burrow during alert 
has duplicate 0002409resolved Footkerchief Military War Dogs seem to be using civilian burrow restrictions 
has duplicate 0005938resolved Knight Otu Wardogs assigned to soldiers follow civilian alerts 
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2010-04-12 15:17   
I agree with you that it would be a good thing (livestock corralls anyone? :) ), I'd have to say that tis particular instance would be a bug.
2010-04-12 18:10   
@smjjames sigh, if only we could actually do that.
2010-04-12 18:12   
One can dream though.
2010-04-16 14:18   
Are the warbears assigned to members of your military? If they aren't, are they able to follow the military if you DO assign them?
2010-05-17 07:52   
Confirmed in the dup bug, even if the war animals are assigned to military members they do not follow them into battle.