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0010603: KILL_NEUTRAL:REQUIRED ethic makes NPCs demand adventurer indenity even
In the event that the game is modded to allow playing as a a civ with the kill_neutral ethic set to required, fellow citizens will spam "identify yourself" demands at a person they've known since their birth, since they were born, etc.

If the player fails to notice this even once, their lifelong friends will soon turn no-quarter on them.
1. Change the human KILL_NEUTRAL ethic to required.
2. Start as a human.
3. Pass by various NPCs.
4. Observe that both PC and NPC are on a first-name basis.
5. Find another NPC or two and ignore them.
Related is http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=10346, [^] wherein NPCs that SHOULD now each other ask for identity endlessly. I've also seen it frequently end in bloodshed.

My latest experience with this was walking into a keep and seeing a guard fighting another guard, and a guard fighting a poet. At the same time, all the children in the building went no-quarter immediately. I actually got my shit kicked in by unarmed kids.

This continued until I was seeing so many messages about getting beaten by children that I missed an instance of a guard demanding an identity from my half-dead body. The end result was being in a small room with about a dozen angry armed NPCs. They didn't even care about my having had to strangle two of the lil bastards to get them off me, but I fail to say my name just once...
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Ack. Tile needs fixing: "even if an entity member" was the intended end.
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(Im copy-pasting this note since it more or less applies to the same issue as 0010726 )

This needs linking to other related 'identify yourself' bugs, but pertaining specifically to 'known all your life', site NPC's don't actuallly know anything so they wouldn't actually be able to vouch you were even really who you said you were despite what the Q relationships say.

http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=51245.msg7903565#msg7903565 [^]

For this report, it seems to be badly configured, if they knew each other they wouldn't have to ask. This is a oversight by Toady in retaining NPC's as blank to stop 1000 implicit site-max pops melting PC's on sites with histfig data.

They learn information as and when the site is loaded by adventurer relevantly to experiences in that time-frame, so can't use past/generated with adventurer data to make decisions like inferring a identity is real.