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Toady One 
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0010611: Stolen Beakdog doesn't appear in Animals list
Stole a beakdog in a raid and it's being a bit weird.

In the save below you can find my captured Beakdog.
He's pastured in the entrance-way (so that works).
He's not on the (z) Animals Screen so I can't assign him for butchering there.
He appears on the (u) Animals/Pets screen.

(v)-(p) on him and instead of getting butchering/gelding options, I get a dorf preferences screen (labors, work animals, occupations, etc). Pushing (l), (o), etc gives no response though.
Send dorfs to steal animals until they come back with a juicy beakdog.
Fail to be able to eat him.
Save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13553 [^]

(Save from a modded world. Raw tweaks only, no additional DFHack usage or anything)
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One thing I can do with my beakdog is assign him as a tavern keeper. Which I've done and he's now diligently hanging out in the tavern. That'll keep everyone safe from alcohol poisoning for a while. But, yeah, an additional facet to this bug.
2018-03-11 06:00   
Beak dogs inherently do not have a [PET] or [PET_EXOTIC], not being able to do anything with them in the animals screen is intentional because goblins acquire them though [EVIL] + [COMMON_DOMESTIC] entity tags without any other typical tags to make them useful.

There are other 'silly modder dwarf tricks' that can be undertook to intergrate them into the goblin civ and eventually your own civ by making them [PET_EXOTIC] and adding to goblin entity [ANIMAL] -> [CREATURE:BEAK_DOG] -> [ANIMAL ALWAYS PRESENT] to bypass the use of [COMMON_DOMESTIC] on the creature file which can be deleted after.

Being able to assign the beak dog to unusual functions like a tavern keeper is a bug within itself. Both aspects of the code (functionality for taking but not being able to use raided animals because AI don't use them in the same capacity and take using archaic raw tags, & awkward controls of being able to give the beak dog jobs) look like they need revising.