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0010630Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2018-03-16 18:322019-03-25 18:29
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0010630: Random visitors treated as hostiles.
For some reason some visitors to my fort are treated as hostiles (attacked by civilians, military and aggresive pets). They are not affected by traps. They simply head towards the fortress, get spooks at the first sight of another visitor or citizen and then try to hide Before heading towards the fort again.
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duplicate of 0010721new  Visitors & Merchants hostile during/after Goblin Siege 
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They may be spies from a enemy civilisation who have been pre-emptively detected by your dwarves because hostility in creatures was recently fixed to be non-passive and this has resulted in some strange emergent behaviours. Related to 0010600 probably, this may be a child report.