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0010644: Nemesis load error in dwarf settlement
A large region I generated has been very odd. A dwarf settlement, the Fresh Sword, is unenterable and causes an instant crash upon trying to create an adventurer there.
1. Create a new adventurer [human was chosen for my tests]
2. Choose Emetdastot, the Fresh Sword, as your starting location
3. Crash.
I cannot remember the specifics of the world gen, but I know it has bogeymen set to 0, settings regarding evil clouds, rain, secrets and disturbances to 555 or 666, vampires and werewolves set somewhere between 100 to 300, and embark points set to maximum. Titans are likely set to 100, and there is a possibility that site number has been upped to 45.

Additionally, though probably not relevant, mundane creatures with no history, no kills, and no notable acts have somehow become named legends mode entries. One such example is Ponoc Bridgecracked, a cougar with no noteable achievements other than dying of old age.

No utilities were used to aid in genning the world, and the save uploaded is untouched, having had no activity in adventure or fort mode.
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duplicate of 0001371resolved Dwarfu "Nemesis Unit Load Failed" (from elves?) 
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Additionally, large worlds seem to be disproportionately glitchy in the latest version. Mine seem to crash half the time after 350 years of worldgen
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Please add a link to your save in 0001371.