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0010712Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Managerpublic2018-04-16 17:592021-05-06 09:28
0010712: Lye items are called "frozen lye items" regardless of being frozen
I have a "Make Lye" order in the job manager. I set up a condition:

Amount of lye items available at most 5.

This works, however as soon as you give the material "lye" to the item type "items", instead of reading "lye items" it reads "frozen lye items".

I don't know why it's being called frozen, but it still works.
1. Add a job to make lye
2. Add a condition
3. Add item condition
4. Make sure "item type" is just "Items"
5. Set material to "Lye"
6. Notice the item name becomes "Frozen lye items"
Also, the game thinks I have exactly 4,555 units of "frozen lye items", though I only have 35 buckets of lye. Not sure if that's a bug or if it's just some weird measurement like thread at a hospital, which is measured 15000 to 1.
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The reason you're seeing "frozen lye items" is specifically because you left the "item type" set to "Items" - most items are made of solid materials, so it's using the "lye" material's SOLID state name. If you edit the condition's "item type" and set it to "Liquid", then it will display "lye" as it is supposed to.

As for the number being wrong, it is most likely due to the same issue with hospitals - just like BAR (e.g. soap), GLOB (e.g. tallow), and POWDER_MISC (e.g. quicklime), a single LIQUID_MISC item has a dimension of 150, so 35 buckets ought to contain 5250 "units" of lye.

The fact that you're seeing the larger number is likely also due to not specifying an item type - if you tell it that you're looking for Liquids, it should know to divide by 150 first.

As for why the game thinks you have 4,555 units rather than 5,250, some of your lye buckets might contain partially-used "pieces" of lye - does your world contain any custom reactions which consume lye in quantities other than 150?