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0010721: Visitors & Merchants hostile during/after Goblin Siege
During a goblin siege, all visitors became hostile to my dwarves. Visitors and elven merchants arriving after siege was over and combat had ceased are hostile immediately upon appearing on the map. Civilians flee from them while military dwarves and war animals attack on sight.

Fortress had been through multiple sieges before without experiencing this issue and was not at war with any civilizations other than the goblins.
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related to 0009650resolved Toady One Visitors begin attacking citizens and long-term residents when a siege starts 
parent of 0011063new  Visitors become hostile to fortress dwarves when fighting begins with invaders. 
has duplicate 0010630resolved Loci Random visitors treated as hostiles. 
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2018-04-23 15:26   
Here's the save associated with this bug:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13701 [^]
2018-04-23 17:05   
Interesting. Although issues with visitors turning hostile during a siege have been reported before (see 0009650), I don't recall such hostility affecting new visitors who arrived after the end of a siege.
2018-04-23 18:43   
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Yes, my fort had been at the visitor cap for a while before this happened and I started receiving new visitors very quickly after the ones in my fortress were killed off. The new visitors would attempt to come into my fortress to visit the tavern or library and would trigger hostile reactions from my dwarves as soon as they were within sight range. This had been going on for a while before an elven caravan showed up and they too triggered hostile reactions from my dwarves when they got to the fortress.

EDIT: After playing that save a while longer, I've had some new visitors come that weren't immediately hostile but for some seemingly random reason became hostile after they'd been in my tavern or library for a while.

2018-05-30 06:52   
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I've had many sieges and I know I had at least liaisons and diplomats in my fort during that time, merchants for sure though they were locked outside in a safe spot but had no contact with my dwarves and never had an issue.

And suddenly the 15th year after the founding of my fortress I have a new goblin invasion and suddenly the human visiting lady consort gets torn to shreds by the war animals that were in the temple with her.

As she was in a temple that is almost never used (1 worshiper only in my fort) there were only animals there and I don't know if it's her become aggressive or the other way around.

I'm playing in 0.44.10 on win10 x64
In the report it was the dogs attacking first.