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0010724: Elven merchants can bring Pedestals made from gems
Elven merchants can bring Pedestals made from gems. These are occasionally described as "grown", presumably due to wooden decorations on them.

https://i.imgur.com/2hcN1IB.png [^]

Note that the masterful decorations are from my own dwarves. The 'grown black diamond pedestal' had two wooden decorations on it that probably are the reason for the 'grown' descriptor.

These gem pedestals, like all other gemstone furniture, cannot be stockpiled because the material filters lack that option in stockpile settings.
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duplicate of 0010544confirmed Loci Elven caravan brought metal (gold, bronze), gem (black diamond) or stone (bismuthinite) pedestal 
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The same basic issue (I've seen {occasionally grown} gem/stone ones as well) has been reported as 0010544.
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The phenomenon of elf civs making non-wooden items that are nonetheless labeled as "grown" has also been reported in 0009275 and 0010118.
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Consolidating elven pedestal problems to 0010544