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0010731Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2018-04-28 20:392021-11-21 11:11
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0010731: Fully domesticated megabeasts and active military dwarves attack each other on sight.
Fully domesticated megabeasts and active military dwarves attack each other on sight, even if the megabeasts are fully tame, and were raised in your fortress (allowing for no possibility of the "taste for blood" bug that sometimes caused tame megabeast hostility in previous versions.)
1. Edit megabeast raws to have the [CHILD] tag, allowing for full domestication
2. Capture a breeding pair of dragons/hydras/rocs
3. Breed a new generation of megabeasts
4. Tame them completely
5. Optionally, butcher or seclude the parent megabeasts so as to avoid false positives
5. Station military dwarves in line of sight of the young megabeasts
There are several other bug reports on the tracker of unexplained megabeast attacks, but none of them identify the cause and most of them are several versions out of date.
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has duplicate 0010741resolved Loci Trained dragon turns hostile upon encountering fortress military 
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2018-04-29 02:04   
As far as I know it's been known on the forum for a long time that tamed megabeasts and military personnel (of your and other civs, including merchant guards) typically results in fights. However, I haven't tried to search the bug tracker for bug reports of an issue that was old when I started playing DF.
2018-05-01 07:10   
v0.44.09: Atomic Chicken posted a save in 0010741:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13720 [^]
2019-01-29 19:18   
I know this may result in dispute, but this bug is new. Imagine my shock, playing 44.12, when I had this issue with a hydra tonight. It's been my standard practice for a few major releases now to try and trap and tame hydras/rocs/dragons, and in previous, non 44 versions this has worked, without the creature turning hostile. To my knowledge, this was not a problem, pre-44.xx.

Regardless, this remains an issue in 44.12. I tamed a Hydra, and he was fine until he came in sight of a monster hunter resident of the fortress. This started a fight, which resulted in the hydra now being hostile to the whole fortress. He was docile until he saw that monster hunter. A reload resulted in the same behavior with a different, visiting monster hunter who was not a resident.
2019-01-30 03:13   
Same for 44.12, i've since crated my captive cyclops back up again for ITS safety after a sole crossbow dwarf departing for a mission through my trap hall where the cyclops was chained decided to be the aggressor and savage them.

In actuality, the cyclops was entirely innocent and didn't instigate the attack while the crossbowdwarf was distracted, unloaded their entire quiver of arrows and began to bash it unconcious , though the historically named cyclops may have been a enemy of the dwarven civ if that goes any further to helping.

To reproduce, do as follows just chain up a wild megabeast in a single accessway, and send a squad on a world mission outwards that passes by it, i havent tried it with a tame creature yet.
2021-11-21 11:04   
Some evidence from the forums:

<http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=179251.msg8330687#msg8330687> [^]

Resetting the historical state of the megabeast, unsets the militia dwarf's no-quarter hostility towards them as the aggressor, which the beast will react (if they can, unlike my restrained cyclops.)
2021-11-21 11:11   
In which case, a alternative to exonerate or befriend a megabeast on taming or otherwise making peace with them would make the historical record update enough to put the issue to rest without a good cause to become a enemy again.