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0010779Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Artifactspublic2018-06-03 08:502020-02-05 12:55
Toady One 
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0010779: "Job item lost or destroyed" spam - cannot display item on specific pedestal
Save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpdmgwz0gkpniiy/region1%20%283%29.zip?dl=0 [^]

Human bone artefact in room next to the entrance, by the lever room. trying to display it on any stand causes repeated spam of "Job item lost or destroyed". This amulet was previously on a stand which I deconstructed while it was still on display, this may have been the cause but I also did this to other artifacts which are fine. In the save file provided I'm trying to display the artifact in the museum south of the hospital, past the cut gem stockpiles, press f2 and move your view down, you should see the pedestals
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2018-06-03 14:20   
This problem appears to be tied to the specific pedestal rather than the artifact. I was able to successfully display the artifact on two other pedestals, and I received job cancellation spam when assigning cut gems to the problematic pedestal. In the jobs list, the problematic display job does not show any associated items (other display jobs show the items to be displayed). Removing and rebuilding the pedestal appeared to clear up the problem.

In the future, please upload bugged saves to DFFD ( http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] ). Thanks!
2018-10-02 00:48   
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Here's something similar.
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14048 [^]

Three artifacts grabbed on a raid are causing spam as I try to display them on the pedestals in my museum.

One has been dumped in a bin, one was taken by the squad dwarf who stole it back to his cabinet in the barracks, one has been dumped in the impossible to see bubbly grass outside (well, depending on your tileset, I guess).

Removing the pedestals and starting again seems to stop the spam, but the artifacts don't ever get put on display.

--extra note
Just in case it's relevant, the artifacts were stolen from one of my previously retired fortresses.

Spam started up again with new pedestals. Gave problematic artifacts to the merchants, they were found right away, taken to the depot. Merchants and mountainhome happy (at least until the original owners come looking for them).

2019-03-10 12:17   
(edited on: 2019-03-10 12:18)
It appears that "Put Item on Display" jobs are not canceled correctly if interrupted (e.g. by forbidding the item in transit). The job is then perpetually recreated (even if the item is inaccessible or forbidden) and immediately canceled (even if the item is accessible). Attempting to "Stop display" of the item does not prevent the buggy display job from repeating. Forbidding the pedestal does stop the spam, but removing the pedestal is necessary to cancel the buggy display job.

2020-02-05 12:55   
This appears to be fixed in v0.47.01. An item forbidden in transit to a pedestal did not spam cancellations, and unforbidding the item allowed the display item job to complete successfully.