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0010836Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2018-07-15 09:352018-07-15 15:45
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0010836: Raid mission do not start because imprisoned soldier can't join
I noticed it took a very long time for a raid mission to get finished, when I look around I noticed that one dwarf in the squad was left behind because she was imprisoned. However the imprisoned dwarf still tried to join the raiding mission (had raid status in general view where job/task is stated). When she at last was let out (and after recovering after a beating and a depression near edge of map) and left the map it took a very short time and the whole squad came back with a mission report.

So, it seems that imprison soldiers can put missions on hold since they can't join but the game still allows them to join the task/job.
I have not tried this myself, but I guess:

1. Imprison soldier in squad
2. Send squad on mission
3. Wait, then release imprisoned soldier.
The mission raid site was a short trip away, the mission was on hold for over an in game month, then when the last soldier got out and joined the mission finished within an in game day.

Everyone else in the squad had since a long time back already left the map for the mission.
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