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0010845Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Buildingspublic2018-07-21 08:092018-07-21 09:10
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0010845: Fortresses have inaccessible rooms
I was trying to find a vampire in a fortress and could simply not find him despite looking everywhere. Despite this, I was continuously hearing somebody asking said individual to identify himself, regardless of distance (another bug, may or may not be related?). In the end, I used DFHack to reveal the map and found that he was located in a section of workshop rooms on a level of the fortress that was inaccessible. While it was located below other parts of the fortress, there were no stairs leading down to it. There were also multiple instances of this in the fortress.
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duplicate of 0006541confirmed Footkerchief Generated dwarf fortress has no exit 
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