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0010853Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2018-07-30 14:122018-07-30 15:03
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0010853: Sometimes squads won't return - unless you retire and un-retire the fort
I had a squad of 40 dwarves leave on a mission to raid an area a day away and they never returned. I decided to retire and unretire the fortress, to see if it would bring them back.

It did bring them back - but for some reason all my dwarves' food was removed from their pots (including all the booze :[ ) and my fortress is filled with water.
Send squads of dwarves out until they don't return

retire fort

unretire fort
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duplicate of 0010545new  Dwarves sent on mission do not return 
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food was removed from their pots: 0010438

fortress is filled with water: 0005872