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0010873Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Raidspublic2018-08-22 11:342018-08-26 10:38
windows 64 bitwindows 10
0010873: Dwarves exit embark zone underground when raiding
Dwarves sometimes prefer to exit the embark zone using cavern system being connected to the edge, allowing raiding in total isolation of world.
-Dig to cavern system which is connected to the edge of map
-optionaly block main entrance
-send squads on mission
using dfhack
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child of 0000961new  Merchants leave through underground 
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Working as intended surely?
As an adventurer you can travel underground between sites too.

The main bug is that travel underground isn't simulated properly. Something the map rewrite will address. But being able to exit a fortress through the caverns isn't a bug in itself.