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0010882Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2018-08-26 13:162018-08-29 18:15
PCWindows 10
0010882: Dwarves try to equip item already assigned to another dwarf
When you give dwarves generic equipment assignement (like steel helm) some of them don't equip them.

If you try with specific armor and always give them grey item, same thing happens.

The thing is that the list of specific equipement is bugged. Some of the grey items are not available. It is easier to see when you can assign a legendary shield twice.

Same thing seems to happen with backpacks and flasks...
I don't really know... It seems to happen every time to me.

Create a squad
Make them train
Make them fight
Create more squads
Make them raid a site or two...
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duplicate of 0010744acknowledged Loci Military assigns equipment they cannot obtain. Goes into battle half dressed with no weapons. 
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So, do the dwarves actually try to equip the same specified item (resulting in cancellation spam presumably) or do they just not try at all so remain helmetless?

The bug is therefore "Specific item menu in military screen allows selection of equipment already in use"?

Not trying to equip a generic steel helm because there aren't any available isn't a bug.
2018-08-29 18:15   
They are apparently assigned the same gear by a generic equipment specification (0010744).