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0010891Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Raidspublic2018-09-02 10:212018-09-15 11:00
0010891: Dead civ: Every attempt to raid results in squad leaving and never returning or even reach the destination
I've made about a dozen attempts to perform raids, and all of them have failed to return within 2-3 months (the time before I've save scummed). My "real" attempt at a raid has been AWOL for 4-5 years, despite the target being about a days walk away.
I've also sent out an artifact recovery raid to a necro tower a day's walk away, and it has been gone for 5 months.
In both these cases I've exported fresh Legends Mode data to Legends Viewer and looked at the target site: neither site has any report of being raided (and I assume an artifact recovery team would start by going to the site the artifact is supposed to reside before starting bar hopping).
I use LNP r01 updated with a working Dwarf Therapist, Multilevel View, and Performance Tweaks enabled.
My fortresses (I've had this issue in my previous fortress as well) use PSV worlds with DFHack changes to add all animals and plants to all biomes they're legal to, goblins are raw changed to start on glaciers only, and glaciers are changed to Evil. My dwarven civ is dead (possibly pushed over the brink by setting its entity population count to 0 after 100 years of neither having sites nor any activity), and DFHack was used to allow selection of dead dwarven civs for play by adding them to the list of playable civs.

My "real" raid target is a goblin pit with 5 inhabitants and no artifacts. I've made save scummed attempts to raid it with default parameters (as in my "real" attempt), conquest, and a couple of attempts where various goals were disabled, such as the non existent prisoners, artifacts, and animals). I've also tried to raid a necro tower (a different one from the artifact hunt target) with default parameters.

My save has been update to DFFD: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13999 [^]
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http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14000 [^] contains a different save, and it seems the key is playing a dead civ.

The civ was generated using standard world gen of a pocket world with a medium length history, with entity_defaults.txt setting the number of dwarven civs to 1. I ran my DFHack script slabciv during worldgen, but it reported a rare naturally dead civ, so it didn't change anything. The c-c screen is completely blank, confirming the civ is dead.

The civ was made immediately after a default loadout embark. From there I made a no equipment squad of all dwarves except the expedition leader and sent it on a default raid to the closest goblin pit twice, killing DF in between. The first time I used DFHack, while the second time I didn't (although the Phoebus tile set is still used). In both cases I decided the party wouldn't return when the first migrant wave arrived. At that time the unit screen showed two units: the expedition leader and a new arrival.

Could it be that DF's processing skips dead civs, and army movement is processed as part of the civ level processing, and thus the armies never gets moved?

Edit: I generated another pocket world with medium history and max number of dwarven civs set to 100 (default), embarked, verified the civ was alive, and performed the same kind of raid, and the raid party returned the next day or so, so it's quite likely caused by my problem saves using dead civs.

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Thanks for the title change, Loci. I would have done it myself if I knew how to do it, but I haven't found any way to change the initial report. I know notes can be edited (as seen in the previous one). Is original report editing a functionality reserved for administrators, or is there a way for the original reporter to do it as well?
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As far as I know, only managers can modify the original report (including the title).