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0010916: NPC doesn't participate in battle of their friends with player.
I just want to report the trouble that enters DF after 34 version. When you are became aggressive towards anyone in 40 or 42 as adventurer, it will result only in cries and run of your victim and some psychopathic watching of another dwellers of the site.

Really, as for me its awful bug which nullifies fun from the game and forces to use only old versions of DF. Even if i attacks faction leader in his own house, most of the guards ignores fighting. Completely. I remember an attempt when i attacked powerful vampire lady of village, and she only ran from me and cried, when her guards and civilians absolutely did nothing. When i killed this lady after about 30 minutes of boring racing, i got understanding of her equipment and battle skills as immense good (she wore all masterwork items and were dodged my attacks as quite experienced master-in-evade). So this lady could kill my adventurer in a couple of hits - but the vampite which killed thousands of living, could only die in racing.

I tried to set national bravery (i don't remember correct name of this token, so it's the one minotaurs have at 100) at max value, but civilians and many armed guards in castle were still ran from badly armored attacker with whip or wooden spear. An experiment shows that aggression in mixed castle with about 50 dwellers in one big keeplike room results in 3 or 4 defenders (bard, 1 or 2 cookers and 1 combatant), when there were at least 7 armed guards. Another dwellers were only ran, cried and ... That's all what they did.

It's even more awful when i take quest on killing the bandit and when i entered bandit camp i see fking friendly bandits... I tried to declare my intentions in dialogue - but it failed. They just cry and don't fight with me. The most impressive result i'd got - single bandit after my attack were fought with me. His friends did nothing. Nice, yes?

I don't want to teach anyone, but Medieval Ages were quite cruel, and even villagers weren't easy to plunder for bands of robbers. They fought, especially when they had an advantage in numbers. What about warriors - the meaning of their life were in defense of their masters. That's what they were paid for.

Of course, situation in 34 version or earlier, when even domestic animals pf nation attacks its enemy, is quite controversial too - but its FUNNY!

And i can't say, that such hardcore roguelike, such unique openworld fantasy game with complex battle system as Dwarf Fortress brings me fun with this casual update of morale. Adventure mode in DF now is not even close to old hardcore and not even close to realism - and this hurts me as i can't enjoy updates of taverns and another sides of adventure DF as coming magic.
1. Attack anyone in castle or city or village or even in bandit camp.
2. Chase him.
I ask just about advice, is DF start to aim casual players as it's auditory? Because now it's looks so.
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