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0010918: Dwarves do not prioritise needs/gods
If a dwarf has multiple gods, he will repeatedly pray to one (not sure how this is selected), even if he is badly distracted by the need to pray to the other. Similarly, I've had multiple dwarves socialise (in purple), despite all their social needs being satisfied while they heavily need to pray. What seems to be happening is that dwarves who are distracted pick a need and fulfill it, rather than fulfilling the need they need to fulfill.
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2018-10-07 09:51   
To fix this I've generally had to alert to force them to go to the right temple, where they'll start praying and cheer up.
2018-10-15 12:32   
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Stationing as military also works, for what it's worth. I've also realised the wording in the OP is a little unclear - what I mean is that dwarves will realise they need to pray, but not to which god.

2018-10-16 13:42   
I was concerned that polytheist dwarves would have trouble keeping up with prayer on them all, but I just observed a dwarf standing in a non-dedicated temple branch from the "Worship" activity into three separate "Pray" activities, one for each of his deities, one after the other, thus fulfilling all three of his prayer needs.

So I can attest that this does at least work correctly some of the time, though it's possible that only happened because by chance he went to the general temple initially; if he had gone to a temple dedicated to one of his gods, it's possible he'd just pray to that one god repeatedly (being the only one allowed in that temple) without realizing that he needed to go somewhere else to fill the other needs; I haven't tested that specifically.
2018-10-19 16:57   
In my case I had no general temple, only specific ones for each god, and that is indeed what led to the behaviour I described. I would still call this a bug even if it does always work when a general temple is available, however.
2018-11-11 13:34   
I'm seeing similar in 44.12, where dwarves will prey in a non-specific temple all day, every day, and still have unmet needs.

Fulfilling needs seems to be based on location rather than needs.

As an example, put a lever in your temple. Set your level to repeat pull. A dwarf will pull the lever and then realize they're in a temple so they'll begin to pray. Meanwhile the lever job is unfilled so another dwarf comes to pull the lever then starts to pray. So on and so forth.

Putting a location around your workshops or putting levers with repeat pull in a location is a great way to get your dwarves to do a lot of the location specific jobs.

However they still don't fulfill the needs properly. Despite half of the fortress praying/worshiping/meditating their religious needs are still not fulfilled.

Dwarves don't seem to seek out fulfilling needs either. Its not like Rimworld where a pawn will cancel jobs to fulfill a need. Rimworld pawns are very good at fulfilling needs because they prioritize it when they need it. Dwarves are haphazard at best at fulfilling needs. They just never seem to prioritize a need. If they do work on needs it seemingly at random or based on proximity, not what they actually need to do.
2018-11-11 14:14   
@reducer have you considered the possibility of your dorf's personality traits making her more prone to workaholism and less fluent in self-care?
2018-11-14 18:02   
Keep all your small temples within walking distance of each other on the same layer interspersed around living arrangements, negates this difficult issue to a extent and reduces commute.

Peccan is impeccable in pointing out that this is largely the case, dwarf religious values vary from 1 - 10 with a descriptor to each attribute but do not retain a balance of 10 or any other number.

Meaning that you can have 3 gods that all require 8 (a lot) (24 in total) of worship simultaneously and will tick down the others if they spend a second not praying, honestly its worth deporting these dwarves or roleplay sending them away to a monastery or something as you'll virtually never see them around.
2022-09-23 06:18   
Seeing same in 0.47.05: dwarf worships/prays as what I think is called emergency activity (like, "Worship!" in purple color - usually when there is great unsatisfied need forcing them to). BUT she is doing it in a wrong temple. Being one of those multi-theistic ones, I've seen her already satisfy the need of first religion. It was clearly done and over, she went to do something else. Now there is a strong unsatisfied need ("badly distracted") to pray to another god, but she re-enters the first one instead. There is not even a need to pray to the first god, because it was just satisfied recently, as I ascertained via Dwarf Therapist.

So the urgent need to pray to one god forces an emergency activity that just wastes time pointlessly in another god's temple.