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0010930Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2018-10-16 13:582018-10-23 16:14
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0010930: soldiers prioritize "Individual Combat Drill" over "Pray" so that they *never* pray
At a certain level of military skill, dwarves like to do "Individual Combat Drill" when idle (i.e. squad inactive, or no scheduled order for the month). This appears however to have a higher priority than "Pray", such that religious soldiers will *always* drill when idle and *never* pray, causing their need for prayer to descend all the way down to the -200000 bright red "badly distracted" focus level. The dwarf must be manually removed from their squad, or the squad's training barracks removed, in order to free their idle time to fulfill their prayer need.
* Find a dwarf with a strong need for prayer ("ardent worshipper"?)
* Train them to mastery with any weapon
* Watch them fill all their idle time with "Individual Combat Drill"
* Watch them reach "badly distracted" after being unable to pray
* Remove them from their squad
* Watch them immediately run to the temple for an urgent purple "Pray!"
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Dwarves seem to prioritize "Individual Combat Drill" over other needs-related tasks too.
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Clear the schedule simultaneously to will let them do autonamous things like pick up clothes and pray usually between months you expect to be quiet, like autumn and spring, they will spam changing between back to their civilian & military roles but still be within the squad.

Its how i deal with it, though the benefit of letting them train is good, individual drills are a lot like the swimming buffs that used to train carp, constantly doing the activity makes athletically buff dwarves.