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0010954: Food/drink preferences are buggy (bugs and references to related reports)
With the new needs system food/drink preferences have become important, but there are several bugs related to it that makes it impossible to fulfill some needs and determine what the needs actually are in other cases.

- The unit screen shows animals as preferences, but observation and DFHacking have revealed that the displayed preferences are misleading, as the actual preferences can be for specific body parts (such as yak brain rather than yak). This is covered by bug report 0004665.
- Dwarves can have preferences for bumblebee mead, which cannot be produced. 0004735 dismissed the failure of the reaction to work for bumblebee honey on the grounds that said honey cannot be obtained, which is sort of fair. However, it's not fair to have a preference for the mead that cannot be obtained (doubly).
- Dwarves can have preferences for vermin body parts, and vermin cannot be butchered to obtain such parts. This may have a connection to 0000218 where such body parts can nevertheless be provided by caravans (and I believe that bug is still valid, as I think I've seen such wares).
- This may be incorrect, but I don't think I've ever seen any preferences for eggs. DFHack can be used to get DF to at least display a preference for e.g. peafowl eggs, but I haven't been able to verify that it works (my fortress crashes before I'd be able to).
- There's also 0001623, preferences for body parts that do not exist on that particular creature.
There are also more distantly related bugs such as the failure of bananas to appear on embarks (0010581), and failure of some crops to produce seeds when farmed (according to the wiki, I haven't tried to farm those crops myself).

The main purpose of this bug report is to try to collect the actual bugs related to food/drink preferences (including some above that I haven't found being reported before), not act as a suggestion thread for how to adjust the the ability to meet food/drink preference needs.
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related to 0000218confirmed Footkerchief Vermin meat/organs can be obtained from embark/caravan 
related to 0010581confirmed Loci Trees yielding no wood never show up 
parent of 0004665confirmed Loci "Prefers to consume [animal]" not working properly 
parent of 0001623confirmed Knight Otu Dwarves can have preferences for non-existing body parts like bird/worm teeth. 
parent of 0004735resolved Footkerchief Bumblebees not hiveable, but make food and drink 
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A further related bug: preference for body parts that do exist on the creature, but can't actually be acquired through butchering because the creature is too small to yield them. Based on research in http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=78108.0, [^] the following preferences in my fortress should be impossible to satisfy through butchering:
- aye-aye spleen tissue
- black-crested gibbon gut
- bluefish gizzard tissue (and do fish have gizzards?)
- capybara pancreatic tissue
- eagle stomach tissue
- giant raccoon eye tissue
- impala heart tissue
- pangolin gut
- pike kidney tissue
- platypus eye tissue
- silvery gibbon liver tissue
- stoat lung tissue

Another set of preferences that shouldn't appear: Preference for creatures and plants that do not exist anywhere in the world because their biomes don't exist or they weren't included in any biomes (some common domestic creatures don't exist in the wild, but they obviously exist, and thus are valid preferences).
In my fortress I've found a preference for Giant Axolotl Brain, but there are no tropical lakes in the PSV world (because DF didn't generate any lakes in the tropics, only in the temperate zone).

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Small animal butchering should return a entire creature's BP worth of parts if they were above the size threshold but across all vermin only cave crawlers are actually large enough to return some meat from muscle tissue when butchered.

The rest applicatively come from extracting fire snake extract, spider venom + mog juice alcoholic beverages from mog hoppers despite them have applicable BP's too that find their way into dwarf appetites & erronously on trade + embark screens.

(Quoted above ("In my fortress I've found a preference for Giant Axolotl Brain, but there are no tropical lakes in the PSV world" (because DF didn't generate any lakes in the tropics, only in the temperate zone)))

@PatrikLundell makes a very good point in that we abolished non on-site contextual strange moods demanding goods that cannot be produced or materialised quickly. But internationally inaccessible tastes exist that for whichever reason cannot be achieved by the player without relocating the entire fortress or at all because the creature has become extinct or has never existed in this world.