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lowminorhave not tried
0010967: My legendary trained military lost agains a yak during a raze.
I was wiping out the humans because they were killing goblins and stealing my fun, but in a raze to a Hamlet, my legendary squad with bronze armor got destroyed by a yak, a normal yak. 2 of 10 were wounded by him.
Get a legendary squad and try to raze a place. They get destroyed by a yak and they become prisioners.
The Hamlet is RelievedWaded. You can use LegendViewer to see it. (where do i upload the save file?)
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Bronze may have not been optimum versus the yak's large size and horns for the fighting versus something more robust like steel. I have made a seperate report though before this one because i believe that tactics modifer is also affecting animals, creating a unfair advantage, especially amongst elves. 0010932

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