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0010983Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Building Constructionpublic2018-12-23 06:502018-12-23 11:11
0010983: Clay boulders respect ECONOMIC_STONE restrictions which are impossible to adjust
Clay boulders are supposed to be used as build material - but only if it's a kind of clay locally produced; imported boulders can't be used for constructions if they don't match the local embark type(s).
1. Find clay boulders
2. Try building something
3. Boulders aren't an option if they aren't locally available
4. Go into Status -> Stone screen and fail to find clay restriction
It's a non-issue for dwarves with all the alternatives, but a custom-defined race which only has access to clay boulders as build material may experience builder mortis if they don't have appropriate clay to build the first kiln and collect clay.
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It's not clear if construction with raw clay is intended behavior, but currently it is possible when not prevented by invisible economic stone settings.