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0010992Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2019-01-04 02:542019-01-04 06:10
Windows 7 Home Premium
0010992: Caravan wagons stuck near the depot.(two different caravan groups)
Caravan wagons stuck near the depot.

There are currently two different caravan groups are coming. both from dwarven civilizations.
They are not stuck yet, but they will(in a minute.)
one stucks right in front of the depot and some others will just stack behind it, in a row.
I saw some "resolved" bugs with this issue, but maybe it is returned because we can now have several caravans coming at the same season!

I didn't mod the game.(except for the stress vulnerabilities in the raw)
With the savefile, it will always stuck. if I use backup files which I did at the beginning of the season, it will stuck but in different shape. sometimes both of them gets stuck, sometimes only one.
seems like they will just wait there indefinitely! I'll keep loading the savefile from the season start, and try to bypass this problem! :(
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2019-01-04 06:10   
with 10+ times of re-loading. they finally came from the same direction, which made them arrive "in a row". So, now I can play the game again. :)