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0011002Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2019-01-15 04:142019-01-18 23:29
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0011002: Multiplying companions
I recruited companion from tavern, a mercenary speardwarf. Then I slept/drank/performed. And after I left tavern, I noticed that my newly recruited companion has tile shifting animation, but tile has no changes in appearance. Then I moved my chatting cursor over him, and he was described as two absolutely identical names.
Recruit some dudes at tavern, perhaps.
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duplicate of 0010515acknowledged Detros Duplicating of companions 
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I'm making this public because I see no reason for it to be private. Tell me if I missed something.

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Also, this is either a duplicate of 0010515 or 0010275. I'm going to say 0010515. If you have a save, posting it there would be helpful.