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0011007: Military visitors arrive armed with random artifacts instead of weapons
Military visitors arrive on-site carrying random artifacts instead of weapons. For example, one "marksdwarf" had a quiver full of bolts and an artifact tea wood bracelet instead of a crossbow. A hammerdwarf arrived with a shield in one hand and an artifact slate mug in the other. A different hammerdwarf was using "An Introduction To Locks" as a bludgeon since he'd neglected to bring an actual weapon.
The steady stream of suicidal visitors from 0009184 allows checking many visitor inventories in short order.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14206 [^]
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Same applies to ex-poets/writers in sieges that bring their works with them, which you can see the owner name tagline & content of by inspecting the L for artifacts screen, however with those they have usual uniform requirements as per being soldiers that its stashed on their person rather than drawn as a weapon.

Perhaps military visitors are not as rigid regarding uniforms they can take hence when asked to bring a potential artifact don't really check its military worthy.

Edit: Just to additionally make known, that all of the described items can be crudely used as clubs as-are by application of the misc.object weapon skill, if this is where the confusion has arisen in the unit.