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0001102Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Diplomacypublic2010-04-13 14:272010-08-11 08:43
Toady One 
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0001102: Liaisons/diplomats not replaced
While playing, I noticed that the Human Liason never arrived with the caravan. Inspection of the civ screen for the humans reveals that they only have one noble, the Law-giver. After hearing about other liason problems on the forums, the current speculation is that they are not being replaced properly. Possibly only a worldgen bug.
A) Generate a world where the liason of a civ is killed, then embark and wait for caravan. No replacement.


B) Kill your liason/diplomat/whatever, wait for replacement.
The thread:
http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?topic=53998.msg1158592#msg1158592 [^]
0.31.06, liaison, liason, noble, nobles
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2010-04-13 14:42   
Yea I saw one of those threads. I think it may have a connection with the other noble issues.

Toady himself said that the liasons are suppoused to be replaced now, so, something is wrong because he got it to work.
2010-04-14 04:25   
Definitely not a world gen-only bug. Due to an incompetent military, my dwarven liason always dies within 2-3 years of embarking. There's never a replacement.
2010-04-14 06:39   
Indeed, I thought they would bereplaceable. The funny thing it's that now most of the liasons are armed, but nonetheless they always die. With you liason dead, you will never get a baron.
2010-04-14 07:18   
Maybe this should be marked as major because liasons are suppoused to be replaced and Toady said he got it to work, but now it doesn't for some reason.
2010-04-14 09:02   
(edited on: 2010-04-14 09:03)
Most of the non-crash non-typo issues have bogus severities so I doubt he's paying any attention to those, but okay.

2010-04-14 10:22   
Sweet, now I don't have to try to kill off my own liason FOR SCIENCE!

Although I have yet to make it to year 3 in DF2010, which likely explains my dwarven liason's high survival rate. Current fort shows promise though!
2010-04-14 10:51   
The humans I am trading with never came with any kind Liason or Guild Representative too...
2010-05-12 01:42   
Can confirm that, so far, my dwarven civ's liaison has not been replaced. I lost him at a siege at my previous fort, and my new fort in the same world has never seen a liaison.
Jiri Petru   
2010-05-26 14:42   
By the way, it is possible to get a baron without a liaison?
2010-06-19 01:02   
(edited on: 2010-06-19 01:05)
Confirmed to still exist in 31.06 despite claims it's been fixed. My dwarven outpost liason has been dead for a few years, buried in my crypt, and still has not been replaced. The elvish outpost liason died due to an ambush as she was leaving (I think) and her body rotted away out in the wilderness.

Edit: The elves list no diplomat. The dwarves list a new liason but he has never appeared. The humans have no diplomat listed and I don't think they've ever sent one, either.

Jiri Petru   
2010-06-20 03:08   
Can we please sticky this bug? It essentially makes a good portion of the gameplay - if you lose a liaison before getting a baron - unavailable.
2010-06-20 04:29   
I am in the same situation. My liason died mysteriously in my first year, and 10 years later I've never seen a dwarf or human liason ever.
Version 04 to 07
2010-06-20 09:56   
@Jiri Petru: I agree, and Toady himself had said that liasons are now suppoused to be replaced, but no idea when they stopped working. So, this one really needs to be fixed since he said it had worked (somehow I guess), but it doesn't currently.
2010-07-09 11:19   
Confirming that problem persists in .09, as well as confirming that if you lose a liason in fortress, abandon it, and start a new fortress in the same civilization, there will still be no new liason.
2010-07-09 12:19   
I think you mean .8, version 31.09 hasn't been released yet.
2010-07-12 16:31   
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2670 [^]

Here is a save. My liason was killed, and my civ seems to have replaced him, however he never comes with the caravan.
Toady One   
2010-07-24 17:44   
I think I've got this one working for 0.31.12.