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0011020Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Viewpublic2019-02-02 00:442019-02-02 00:44
Sluagh Shio 
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Windows 7 x64
0011020: One of my Monster Slayers when idle displays as "Monster SlayerMonster Slayer" instead of "Monster Slayer"
There are seven monster slayers (MS) in the fortress but one of them came from my older (retired a few in-game-years before) fortress. Both fortresses belongs to one dwarven civilization. Next, I always give nicknames to all citizens via DTherapist. This one MS came under nickname from retired game. I don't know if it matters. Now in user list this MS displays as doing job "Monster SlayerMonster Slayer". The rest of MS displays as usual "Monster Slayer".
1. Build fortress, recruit a lot of monster slayers.
2. Give nicknames to monster slayers.
3. Retire the fortress, start another one.
4. Wait until monster slayer comes from older fortress.
Excuse me for my english )
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