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0011027Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2019-02-06 20:332019-10-26 07:28
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0011027: Confronted a vampire in adventure mode, legends credits confrontation to random dead historical figure.
In legends it says "x confronted x" when someone calls out a night creature, and when i confronted the vampire Senam Fortunehorses with my adventurer Anir,in legends, instead of saying "Anir confronted Senam" in Senam's legend and in Anirs legend when i did this, instead it said Senam was confronted by a Bandit Named Jeha who actually had died two millennia ago instead. where it should say that Anir did this. My reputation from killing the vampire stayed, so its just logging the wrong hist fig for the confrontation event.
Look in legends, you will immediately notice the weirdness when you look at Senams legend,

Steps to reproduce:
-Confront a vampire in adventure mode (call them out)
Here is the save file:
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14235 [^]
duplicate of 0010321new  Accusation of vampires doesn't work (vampire doesn't attack, wrong accuser in legends) 
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Also, I drank their blood and did not become a vampire
2019-02-21 21:30   
Also, it happened in another world, i confronted a vampire, and legends credited it to a dead kobold:
(This world is 1050 years old)
(The second most recent adventurer is the one that confronted the vampire and struck it down , but its credited to a kobold)
The goblin Vampires name is:
Ngebzo Tostraomosp

The kobold is:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14268 [^]
2019-02-26 20:36   
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Happened again, this time on a 253 year old world:
https://i.imgur.com/6852i8V.png [^]

I was sinos and I confronted and killed the vampire, it credited the confrontation to a random elf.

Reproducibility should now be set to Always but i cant edit this bug report to change that /:

2019-10-18 20:52   
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Just to confirm, this world wasn't created in an earlier version of the game was it? This bug (which seems to be fixed now) caused similar weirdness. 0010452