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IBM ThinkPad T60 64bitDebian (Miyo)N/A
0011031: Adventur Mode Segmentation Fault Upon Entering Certain Areas
Areas will become randomly bugged and will cause a segmentation fault upon triggering their loading. This can happen in both normal movement and upon exiting travel menu movement within the bugged area. Retiring your adventurer seems to fix the bug for whatever reason but then it usually ends up happening somewhere else.

FIle: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14254 [^]
Simply walk the adventurer north through the castle doors and the game should crash with a segmentation fault.
I also had this issue in Windows but never bothered reporting it at the time. It was occuring inside a dark fortress, but now it's happening on Linux when I attempt to enter the City castle.
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Easiest to repeatably create Adventure Mode "random" segmentation crash bug is by trading away your standard large copper knife to closest dwarf, there you start adventure. Then leave the place and return to it to have DF suddenly closing and returning you to desktop.

This adventure crash bug is caused also by animal spawns in places like lairs or camp, there is free unlimited animal spawn on.

Someone also discovered (with DFHack) the same bug happening, while roaming map on meeting supposedly randomly with 0 mass weasel.

Sometimes you do something in real world Adventure Mode, which have huge impact on a piece of abstract world (local fortress? local hillock?) and then the real world version presented then to you by abstract translating process. This new content can have something causing segmentation crash as well. As some other bug here was reported.

Those are 4 reported versions of the same segmentation-crash bug, which I know about. Procedure that translates abstract world into real world and real world back into abstract world has many rough corners, which have same conclusion in crashing "randomly" DF in Adventure Mode. It seems "polished" for Dwarf Fortress, until you retire it and then embark on it again. There seems to be bugs reports on this behavior too. This translation engine could need some dire patching. Unlaging lairs, camps and dark fortresses also would be a welcomed sight in Adventure Mode...