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0011069Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Eating/Drinkingpublic2019-03-27 09:532019-03-27 14:04
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0011069: Adventure Mode currently ignores [BONECARN] for the adventurer
If your adventurer has the tag [BONECARN] (which implies [CARNIVORE]) it will only be able to eat meat, however the adventurer will NOT be able to eat bones despite the fact that [BONECARN] specifies that the creature eats bones. You will only be able to lick it.

I recommend logic be added to allow adventurers with [BONECARN] (such as a Wolf Man) to consume bones as well as meat in adventure mode.
Start a new adventure game with a creature with [BONECARN] as your selected race. Wolf Man is a good, vanilla example although others do exist.

Butcher an animal and pick up its skull, bones, etc

Attempt to eat it

Feel sad because you cannot eat it
This is likely a simple oversight in adventure mode and shouldn't be all that hard to fix.
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And of course there's the whole issue of there being no actual ethics checks when an adventurer attempts to eat sapient meat. But seeing how that only affects modded adventurers but the bonecarn issue affects vanilla, this is much more important to fix.