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0011076Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2019-04-02 14:342021-04-04 10:06
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0011076: Please mention that v0.44.* crashes more than v0.43.* on the download page
v0.44.* crashed for me regularly. v0.43.* has never crashed on me. It makes lots of sense that the latest version of the second most recent major release would crash less, and it would be nice to mention that possibility at the top of
http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/older_versions.html [^]
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2019-04-02 21:08   
You should address this to suggestions forum i think. Anyway the game itself prominently warns players about possible instabilities.
2019-04-03 05:56   
Are you using any mods (including Starter packs which almost all add little things as standard)? Are you playing Fortress Mode? Generating worlds? Adventurer? Reading legends? Playing in the arena?
If you can pinpoint what is causing the game to crash, it will be possible to reproduce and therefore fix. That's what the bug tracker is for.
2019-04-03 23:27   
See above. Also, the platform you're using would still be helpful, even if you don't think it's related to the crashes you're seeing.
2019-04-12 19:11   
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I'm mostly referring to bug 0011041. But also 0011014 and 0010369. v0.44.* just seems to crash a lot more, and it seems like that would be nice to mention on the download page.

I'm not using any mods / starter packs. Fortress mode.

2019-04-12 23:25   
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One of those is unconfirmed (and perhaps Linux only)another is from 44.02 so also crashing in the last version. The final one is marked 44.12 but raids were actually crashing worse in the previous versions and an attempt was made at fixing them. So, please try again. On the forum, not here.

Oh, sorry, your comparing the final version of 43.* after all bug fixes to the current release of 44.* which isn't a completed arc. Ok. Yeah, the Villains update was confusing in that bug fixes weren't finished but a year long update unxpectedly began. Suggestions forum please.

Anyone using weapon traps would disagree with your assumption that it crashed less though...

2021-04-04 10:06   
This is likely obsolete as of 0.47, and is not something that would be fixed by adding a note to the download page anyway. If you have specific examples of reproducible crashes, please open new reports for them.