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0011080Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Diplomacypublic2019-04-09 13:102019-04-09 13:10
Microsoft WindowsWindows 88.1
0011080: Rescued prisoners that had attacked your fortress remain your enemies
When your dwarves attack a site and become prisoners, they can be sent back to invade you. If they flee, they go back to being "prisoners" on civilisation screen. You can rescue them, and they behave normally until you save and quit the game. When you load back, FPS drastically drops, and said dwarves get attacked by others.
-Invade a necromancer tower and let your dwarves become prisoners,
-Wait for them being sent to siege you (they keep the "prisoner" in names),
-Do not kill them and make them flee,
-Send a party to rescue them,
-When they are back, save&quit then load the game.
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