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0011090Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Non-dwarf Citizenspublic2019-05-04 17:422019-05-28 17:17
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0011090: Dwarfs Captured as part of a raid come back bugged
I had a successful raid on a dwarven settlement of another civ, and the spoils list contained "Three dwarves" and "Four dwarves". In the citizen list, they show up as Peasant (Tame). I cannot assign them jobs, assign them to military squads, or expel them. They drink and eat fine and will carry mugs around. I was able to put them into a burrow just fine. I am using autobutcher, which had slaughtered 5 of them before I ever noticed they were in my fort. I checked the butcher's shop and indeed had several dwarf items like prepared dwarf brain and dwarf skulls. I looked in my burial chambers and 2 of these peasants had been buried after being butchered. So the coffin contains lovely items like prepared dwarf heart and chopped dwarf liver.

The dwarf peasants who are still alive can be assigned as performers and scribes and other noble positions. But I cannot expel them or assign them to military squads or give them labors. And they aren't wearing clothes and don't seem to pick any up.

I have had this occur in the past with goblins in another fortress. I don't have the save for that any more. I had two come back as spoils from a raid and I just thought it was normal.

I also used cprobe to check out the peasants and they were of the race and civ as the other dwarfs in my fort.

This is all running out of the 44.12-r1 peridexiserrant starter pack
n/a, but I will report back here if I encounter it again while I raid on this other civ.
There is a seasonal save here from about 10d after the raid returned: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14363 [^]
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Another thing to note is if you assign them a role like performer, they become "Performer (Tame)". To be expected but it's another thing I noticed.

Once I assigned them to be performers they started putting on _some_ clothing.

2019-05-05 08:34   
I got curious about the state of the site prior to the raid so I loaded up a seasonal backup from before the raid and exported it for legends viewer, which reported the population of the site as:

◾345 Horses
◾19 Dogs
◾19 Two-Humped Camels
◾19 Chickens
◾19 Yaks
◾19 Pigs
◾18 Cats
◾18 Guineafowls

Of note is there are no dwarfs living in the site.
2019-05-08 05:22   
DFhack is kind of a grey area of responsibility but Toady made it pretty stringent that only non-intelligent creatures can be recovered (semi intelligent livestock Trolls can't be recovered from goblin sites etc) so these are acutely confirmed to be non sentient buggy dwarves.

File's raws, particularly creature_standard.txt are normal, which can spell out additional modded variations of dwarves as a fault, as its known people sometimes use unintelligent ones with modding for 'slaves' which can be granted intelligence with tools like DFhack afterwards just for commerce, RP purposes and quick population.

Still needs reproduction on a clean vanilla build, else this particularly would pertain to the 44.12-r1 peridexiserrant starter pack. Id check your DFhack scripts functions particularly incase something there is interfering.
2019-05-08 07:57   
AFAIK, I have changed only two scripts in the starter pack and they were both to deal with some debug logging I wanted in two scripts. I am fully willing to believe there is something in the starter pack/dfhack that makes this not function properly, but I inspected as much of the game state as I could and it seemed like the site was bugged.

Is there anything else I can provide that will make it easier to track down?
2019-05-09 06:14   
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Further news: the dwarfs that I got back have at least moderately clothed themselves, and one of them had a strange mood just now.

I also checked on their relationships and the bugged dwarf who had the strange mood now has relationship entries with others in the fort, whereas the others do not.

2019-05-28 17:17   
In a new fort in the same world, one of the dwarfs immigrated and showed up married. They are slowly becoming full citizens.